Farm Life Foundation offers “Return to life” program to a homeless candidate.

Farm Life Foundation is a non-profit educational farm located at NaVera Farms in Callahan Florida.  The farm maintains and manages a truly “natural” lifestyle filled with organic food, products
, and an environmentally focused policy.   From learning about private farming, self-sustainability to caring for animals and protecting Mother Earth, this organization does not compromise on the mission.

There are approximately 1.4 million homeless adults in America.  Some of them by choice and some who had no choice, many defined as veterans.  Farm life FDN continues to search for a unique individual who can mirror a passion of respect, sustainability, and harmony in this ever changing world.

Living, working and operating a private farm takes a minimum 10-12-hour per day commitment.   There is more joy that accompanies our daily tasks.  This special farm feeds, nourishes and fulfills the body and the soul.  It teaches responsibility and accountability to those who respect themselves, natural resources and all living things which make up this planet.

Farm Life Foundation will offer a 12-month program to one qualified candidate per term to engage and experience a new life.  One which strives on Self-Empowerment, Sustainability, Harmony, Peace, Intuition, Commitment and Respect for all life.

Each new team member under this program will be trained in the following areas:

Farm Operations, Farm Animal Management, Animal Education, Gardening, Greenhouse planting, Communication skills, Guest Relations, Hospitality, Self-Healing including Essential Oils and their benefits, and how to enjoy a Holistic Lifestyle.

A qualified candidate will need to meet certain physical requirements which will enable them to “work” on a farm with raised beds, a greenhouse, barns, farm animals and various types of gardens.  They will learn while doing and at times be expected to work independently on a project or duty.  They will become a family member and receive full emotional support, love, guidance and clothing.   Our organization only requires that our selected candidate be able to communicate as a team player and display unsurpassed integrity and honesty.

This organization mandates a clean, drug and smoke-free environment and each candidate must adhere to that commitment with no questionable history for the last five years.   As a non-profit organization, all candidates will approve a full criminal background check upon application.

The candidate must be an independent candidate with no dependents as this program is designed to help the individual.  One who has a passion for starting over actively, in a truly natural and healthy environment.  

This residence holds a focus on a Vegetarian and Vegan diet with the periodic allotment of fish, all furnished in this program. 

Technology is not given priority here; cell phones, devices, and Wi-Fi are not part of this lifestyle nor do we condone.

Computers, the Internet, and landlines are available for use all of which are hard-wired in accordance with our environment policy.

Room and Board of the highest quality 
is understood.  Again, the commitment will be one of a “community united,” serving and supporting all who engage on this property and who interact with students and visitors, in harmony, and for the common goal of sustainability and education. 

This organization will be in contact with specific agencies and/or non-profit organizations, which focus on the empowerment and opportunity for those who have become homeless due to circumstances beyond the candidate's control.  All candidates must be at least 18 yrs. of age.

Thank you for taking the next step!

Inquiries may be sent to 

"Return to Life" Program