2020 Commitment

We, here at Farm Life Foundation, continue the commitment in 2020!

Our unsurpassed dedication to the education, care, and responsibility of animals, mammals, birds, bees and all life-forms which share Mother Earth serves as our mission. 

Thank you for your support!

What confirms our success?

Learning that humans of all ages are thinking not twice, but three times before purchasing, investing or adopting an animal.

This includes not only domestic pet types but farm animals too. Yes, birds and reptiles are purchased pets too.

Our greatest challenge is attempting to educate a parent, guardian, student or guest the responsibility of owning a pet of any size. From hamster to Angus bull, the responsibility is great and the accountability even greater.

One of our goals... is to educate the purchaser prior to acquiring any animal to review the qualification and commitment necessary on making this important decision. This is no different than with planned parenthood and childcare. By achieving this goal we have and will continue to serve as an educational organization saving many animals from rescues and unqualified homes.

For the past five years, our organizational leader has signed hundreds of petitions which supported many national and global rescue missions for domestic, farm and wild animals as well as GMO awareness, honey bees, and monarch butterfly extinction.  In addition, this organization supports mammal protection.

Awareness to cease the blatant killing of animals for "sport" is also a strong global priority for this organization and will continue in this new year.

Getting back to purchased pets...
More is not more.

It is up to each one of us to control and respect not only our current animal and human population but manage the future outcome of both.

To date, there is an estimated 70 million homeless pets in the United States of which many are farm animals. New “unplanned” animal births per American farm are in the thousands each year only to be exceeded by “unplanned” human births by "first-time mothers," which have recently been estimated at 3.4 million, with up to 53% having abortions.  Currently, there is a yearly estimate of 300,000 children who need adoption in the United States alone and over one million going hungry each day.  You see, there is a common thread here.  Prevention, Responsibility, and Accountability are needed for all types of population.

More resourced information on feeding the human population:


Are the responsibilities of animal care and human care related? Yes, indeed. Both require a 100% commitment for food, shelter, and healthcare. In addition, animals require management and humans require education.

Domestic Animals info:

The inspiring solution from SpokAnimal Org.:


Human birth stats:


According to The Humane Society of the United States: About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one - every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Committing to a Spay/neuter program is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.

This number above relates to house pets and does not include farm animals.

Our organization does not support animal breeding for profit, shows, or hunting for “sport.”

The funds spent on those human ego driven activities could easily support most rescues financially including medical support for abused animals. 

Important info: There is indeed a difference between the humane treatment of animals for food and standard commercial treatment for yield. Commercial animal production facilities are processing plants and not "farms."

The term “Factory Farm” is an oxymoron.



More figures...
Over 81% of all farm animal owners in America do not have a farm with proper acreage and do not have any experience raising or caring for the farm animals.

76% of all farm animal owners spend less than one hour a day with their farm animal.

47% of all domestic pets in America end up in a pound, rescue or animal organization.

46% of domestic pets in America are discovered abused due to lack of proper food, water, shelter, space, recreation or companionship and ignored. Many are left chained outdoors all alone or inside with no other companion.  

All animals should have a companion.

79% of all farm animal owners cannot afford to properly care for their farm animals in the United States.

It is estimated that at least 86% of all animal owners state they purchased their animal for their children. 61% of those children who wanted a house or farm pet is under the age of nine years of age; they cannot properly share the task of caring for the animal/s. 

Over 31% of all pet owners microwave their pet's food not realizing the ill effect that results.  Over 49% of young human babies and toddlers are fed microwaved food by a parent also not realizing the ill effect that results. 

Most pet and farm animal owners who smoke, do not realize the health implications of smoking around the animal.  This includes the allergic effect resulting from smoke on clothes.  Both affect the animal and the human health.

Our human society considers purchasing bottled water a lifestyle norm. Ironically, mammals and fish live in the polluted waters created by the humans who now must purchase bottled water to survive.

Less than 4% of all “Farm Animals” in America are monitored by a Veterinarian to prevent overpopulation, profit breeding or health detriments. Most owners state they cannot afford to pay for a Vet yet will rarely go without the purchases of holiday presents, flat screen televisions or the latest cell phone or pick-up truck.

Our Farm Life team can tell many stories related to the above figures, most of them too sad to share.

  Let it be known:

Farm Life Foundation will continue to serve and protect not only "Mother Earth" but the many creatures she has gifted us. We will do this with awareness, monitoring, guiding and directing the "so-called" most advanced species responsible for the above numbers. This species is called "Human."

Please take a moment and share the meaningful video above. 

You may also count your blessings that you are a human and not an animal in today's world.

Thank you for your continued support andthe tax-deductible donation to Farm Life Foundation.

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