All Interns are expected to learn about, know and adhere to NaVera Farm's Commitment and Property Policies.  Please review at:

Farm Life Foundation Internships are open to all without discrimination nor judgment. 

Our educational non-profit organization is offering a paid live-in Internship opportunity.

As a live-in Intern, you will be furnished room and board which includes healthy, organic meals and participate in our Active "Learn by Doing" program.  A 125.00 dollar per week stipend is also included.

Farm Team Diet consists of vegetarian and fish options.  Chicken, Beef, and Pork are not part of the daily menu.  Dairy-free alternatives are used in meal preparation.  Gluten-free is preferred in all meals.

This farm is an EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) managed property which does not permit satellite, cable, Wi-Fi or Celluar technology.  A Cell-phone policy will be explained.  Computers and the Internet via Ethernet are available for use for all Interns.  Free landline phone usage is also offered for all calls within the United States.

You will work with a Farm Team Asst. and participate in daily tasks and projects on an organically driven and managed farm. This is also an organization which offers classes and programs to students of all ages, events, and tours. You will be part of all tours.

You will be assigned projects that will teach you how to live and manage a natural farm, grow plants and care for farm animals resulting in a healthy farm operation.

This is a fun and rewarding opportunity designed for students and individuals working toward a better understanding of small farming with hands-on experience achieving independence with natural farming.   All farm team members are required to have a passion for the outdoors, all types of animals, bees, plants and the environment.

Farm policies and rules apply and must be adhered to without question.
There is an Application process for all candidates which includes a social media and criminal and driving background check.  All candidates must be willing to have a drug test.
Must be responsible, organized, neat and clean in appearance.

Farm Duties start at sunrise and end at sunset. 5-6 days a week for each farm team member.

Please send your Introduction letter, Bio, picture, and vision for your future for consideration.

All candidates will be sent an Internship Application for completion. 
Contact Farm Life Foundation for more info:

Farm Life Internship

Long term 6 months

(This program is designed to meet the needs of students from 18 to 55 years of age.)

On-site Internship