Hens 101 "Starting from Scratch" class!

$25.00 donation per person.  For ages 15 thru 95!    2 Hour Class

This class will focus on the following: Selection of hen types, local vs. shipping, Size vs yield, hens vs chickens, roosters, breeding, housing types, feeding, preventive medicine, housing, caged vs free range/ pros & cons, backyard operations, egg laying, nest boxes, roosts, heat and cold, hen handling, egg handling, egg collecting, shell support, emotional bonding, chicks vs pullets, clipped wings, sanitation protocol, rodent prevention, isolation, predator control & long-term purpose. Both Farm Owners, Greg, and Bill will share research, experiences, myths, budget numbers, organic vs conventional, feed costs, housing costs and responsibility, and behind the scene miracles. Prepare to meet some happy Hens! 


                 Donations and Sponsorships are tax deductible

All tour, program and educational workshop contributions in the form of donation fees and sponsorships for Farm Life Foundation support the natural care, organic feeding, medical needs, supplies, payroll, buildings, materials and marketing necessary to maintain our nonprofit educational organization. 

General Information and Farm Policy

Educational Tours, Workshops & Programs are reserved specifically with date and time for each student, group and guest. You may contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule your visit.

All Tours and Programs require acceptable weather conditions. 

Safety is a priority on this farm, policies will be explained at arrival.

Please do not wear jewelry, flip-flops, short pants, make-up, cologne or perfume.  Old shoes are best as you will be walking on an active farm!  All keys, hand-bags, carrying bags, cellphones & i-pads to remain in vehicle.  

We will take pictures of your tour and share happily.


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What are some of the costs to operate this non-profit educational organization?

Currently, all 260 plus animals are fed organically.  The feed is shipped in from out of state. All animals are supplied with a total herbal formula each week to prevent worms and parasites. Maintaining animal quarters, common areas, feeding, water exchanges, animal rotation, grooming and medical or rehab require a team of farm assistants and volunteers.  Tours and programs also require team leadership and training.  Current operating costs on average are $400-600 per day.  This does not include costs for projects such as animal housing, land management, supplies, marketing, insurance, educational greenhouse upkeep, maintenance or utility costs.  We monitor and manage our animals in numbers and control our population growth.  The animals on this educational farm are approximately 96% female. 

The Management and Board of Directors are not paid a salary nor included in payroll.  The Foundation operates daily.

            Farm Life Foundation

This educational tour will bring joy and laughter to those who remember what a farm use to be!  You will visit with the animals that make up NaVera Farms.  Prepare to have many visitors come up to your hay wagon to say hello and maybe a little nibble.  Hear the magical stories about Yum Yum our Muscovy duck and Valentine our Hampshire Pig and others!  Hold your breath while the Alpacas come up to give you a kiss!   All this while relaxing on the comfort of a hay bale!  Sorry, no Moonshine permitted!

Pictures will be taken of your visit and we will gladly share! 
Please view General Information and Farm Policy on the bottom of this page, prior to arrival.


               Bring your notepad!

Order a musical slide show of your visit for only $25.00!

           A 501c3 non-profit organization
                       EIN #461928404

Perfect for Veggies and Herbs!

Thank you for your support!

  Farm Life Foundation 

 Corporate Team Building

Time for the Adults to play like a child again!  All per person donation fees are tax-deductible. 

Let's us plan your next team-building adventure!

Pappy's Hay Ride!  (Min. Group of 10 or more)

Designed for groups of little ones or adults who prefer not to walk long distances!

      (30 min. tour)  

*Please note: Pappy must have at least 10 persons for this ride to the leave barn!

Donation per person: Ages 4 & up is $12.00 

  Farm Tours and Programs


Educational Tours, Workshops & Programs are reserved specifically for a date and time for each student,

group and guest.  Appointments are necessary for all tours and visits. 

          *Tours and outdoor classes are not available between May 15th & August 15th due to the heat.

You may contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule your visit. 904-879-9203 / info@FarmLifeFDN.org  

The purpose of our Foundation is to educate.

Everyone will be part of the learning which includes a Q & A review. 

All Tours and Programs require acceptable dry weather conditions. Safety is a priority on this farm.  There are many types and sizes of animals running freely.  For this reason, we ask that our guests refrain from bringing newborns or toddlers under four years of age into animal areas. 

Please view Tour Policies at bottom of this page.  

 Tours available on Saturday and Sundays only, by appointment.

                "Talk to the Animals"Farm Life Tour!

Donation Amount: $12.00 per person for all ages.

60 min. tour 

                              *We require a minimum of eight persons for a tour.

                        Donation: $15.00 per student/guest (Ages: Four to Adult.) 

         *For safety management, this "educational" walking tour has a minimum age of 4 years of age

We ask that adherence and courtesy be granted to those who wish to learn from this visit. 

Tour times are scheduled in advance for 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

Our Farm Guide will lead and educate tour guests and students with information on the farm and the animals. Excitement will build as everyone approaches the Big Red Barn! Behind the barn is where all the fun is! Once in the barnyard, your guide will introduce everyone to a vast variety of farm animals from our exotic Alpaca family and Momma Goats to our huge assortment of hens ...and a few Roosters too!  You will be greeted by Lucas our youngest Alpaca member!   We will venture out to Mini Meadows to see our Mini Ponies including Eeyore the miniature donkey. And our growing family of young Nubian goats. Valentine our Hampshire Pig loves new students, be sure to say hi!   Oh yes, we must remember to visit Yum Yum our Muscovy duck, Buttons our pet Turkey and Daisy and the Pekins!

You may even see some of our hopping bunnies! 

 Pictures will be taken of your visit and we will gladly share! 

Please view General Information and Farm Policy on the bottom of this page prior to arrival.


                                                                             Raise the Beds!

                                  (No walking necessary, please bring a lawn chair, pad & pen) 

Limit 10 students per class.  Minimum age is 8 yrs.  Adult and Senior students encouraged to enroll!  

Donation amount: $18.00 per person / 1 hour class

Learn the basics of what, how and why for your own Raised Bed Garden! 

This is a verbal instructional class using examples of current beds, compost, plants and sun shade.  A good beginning for those who enjoy a Q & A environment.  Raised Bed gardening is perfect for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs & ground fruit like strawberries!

Pictures will be taken of this class.


Let's get dirty!

                                    Raised Bed Gardening Workshop

(For those who wish to actively engage it will involve leaning over, bending and using your hands.)

Limit 10 students per class / Minimum age is 8 yrs.

Donation amount: $30.00 per person  /  2 hour class

This workshop will actually teach you how to create a 4 X 4 raised bed and review the different types and material options. Compost and dirt options will be discussed and used in the project bed. A variety of plants, vegetables, flowers, and herbs will be used. Pictures will be taken of this workshop.


Intro to Natural Farming!  

Donation amount: $20.00 per person / per hour 

Are you interested in starting your own small farm?

Need "bottom line" answers to your questions on a type, cost, animals, growing, animal housing and responsibility?  Then this class is for you. We are here to assist you with your vision and support your direction. We will provide you with the answers you need to avoid costly decisions that may not suit your vision. Our goal is to support your dream and purpose with emphasis on the true meaning of sustainability in today's world.  This information will save you dollars and provide all prospects with a better understanding of what it necessary in time, money and commitment for any small farm operation.